Japansk studerende i København har set ‘Søstre’

I am Aya, from Japan. I am a student and have been living in Copenhagen for three years. I feel happy that I got to watch this beautiful Japanese film in Denmark. Hope many people enjoy it as well.

The film left me sweet and warm feeling. The scenes are somehow still but also dramatic. The story is about a complicated family, but different characters of each sisters and people around the family give brightness and warmness to it. Everyone has own problem and every families are different. All scenes in the film feel real and beautifully captured the feeling of the characters.


Also the town in the film, Kamakura, is a small city close to Tokyo, attracts a lot of people with numerous temples, shrines, and other historical places. It is sometimes called “Kyoto in eastern Japan” because of these traditional scenes. The film shows many lovely places and everyday life in countryside in Japan. As the time goes in the film, you can enjoy all four seasons in Japan, showing different traditions and habits there.

It is such a great film to watch with family, friends, or someone you care. And I think everyone could connect themselves to the story.

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